**********food price marked with Happy hour are offered during the day**********

**********food quantity offered at Night-K and Happy hour may different**********


Potato Chips
薯片 2.99 
Prawn Chips
虾片 2.99 
Deep Fried Chicken Tips
椒盐鸡翼尖 7.95
French Fries
炸薯条 6.95(Night-K) 4.99(Happy hour)
Deep Fried Spring Roll
炸春卷 7.95(Night-K) 4.99(Happy hour)
Onion Ring
洋葱圈 7.95 (Night-K) 4.99(Happy hour)
Curry Beef Balls
咖喱牛丸 8.95
Curry Fish Balls
咖喱鱼蛋 8.95
Deep Fried Beef Balls
炸牛丸 8.25(Night-K) 4.99(Happy hour)
Deep Fried Fish Balls
炸鱼丸 8.25(Night-K) 4.99(Happy hour)
Chinese Red Sausage
红肠 8.95
Deep Fried Chicken Wings
炸鸡翼 9.95
毛豆 6.5
Squid Balls(Steam/Fried)
花枝丸(蒸/炸) 9.95(Night-K) 4.99(Happy hour)
Deep Fried Squids
炸鱿鱼须 10.95
Fruit Plate
水果拼盘 11.95
Deep Fried Tofu
炸豆腐 7.95
Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets/Fries
鸡块+薯条 12.95(Night-K) 5.99(Happy hour)
Deep Fried Chicken Wings/Fries
鸡翅+薯条 12.95(Night-K) 5.99(Happy hour)



Pork Cutlet Bun W/Fries
吉列猪排堡+薯条 6.95(Night-K) 5.99(Happy hour)
Ham&Egg Sandwich W/Fries
火腿蛋三明治+薯条 7.95(Night-K) 6.99(Happy hour)
B.L.T Sandwich w/Fries
培根生菜番茄三明治+薯条 7.95(Night-K) 6.99(Happy hour)
Luncheon Meat w/Egg Sandwich&Fries
午餐肉蛋三明治+薯条 7.95(Night-K) 6.99(Happy hour)
Cheese Burger w/Fries
芝士汉堡包 8.95(Night-K) 7.49(Happy hour)
Club Sandwich w/Fries
公司三明治+薯条 8.99(Night-K) 7.99(Happy hour)
Noodle(Ham/Luncheon Meat)w/Egg
公仔面(火腿/午餐肉)+鸡蛋 8.25
Mince Pork w/Rice
卤肉饭 8.95
Pork Chop w/Egg&Rice
猪扒蛋饭 12.95
Korean Style Ramen w/Bean pasta
韩式炸酱拉面 8.95
Calf Chop rice
牛仔骨饭 8.95
Deep Fried Pork Chop Ramen
日式炸猪扒汤面 8.95



Pepperoni Pizza
意大利薄饼 14.95(Night-K) 11.99(Happy hour)
Garlic Butter Mushroom
蒜蓉牛油蘑菇 6.95
Taiwan fried Tempura
台湾甜不辣 7.99
街边烧卖 8.95 (Night-K) 4.99(Happy hour)
Chicken Nuggets
炸鸡块 7.95
Wasabi Cucumber
芥末黄瓜 6.95
Deep Fried Spiced Diced Chicken
盐酥鸡 8.99
Brine Platter
卤水拼盘 12.95(Night-K) 12.95(Happy hour)
滋味八爪鱼 7.95
Duck Kidney With Pickle
榨菜鸭肾片 9.95
Spicy Duck Neck
香辣鸭脖 8.99
Spicy Chicken Heart
麻辣鸡心 8.99
Steamed Bun With Condensed Milk
炼奶馒头 4.99
饺子(蒸/炸) 9.99(Night-K) 6.99(Happy hour)